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The history of Arak Blanka

For the past 5 decades, the Bejjani family has been perfecting the art of Arak making. It all began with Halim Bejjani, who was fascinated by the process of distilling this traditional Middle Eastern alcoholic beverage made from aniseed. Using a copper steel distiller, Halim began producing Arak that quickly gained a reputation for its unique taste and smoothness.

Halim’s son Robert, who was captivated by his father’s Arak making, decided to take on the journey himself. Driven by his pure passion for Arak, Robert spent years experimenting with different methods and ingredients to create a truly exceptional final product. This passion turned into a joy as Robert shared his Arak with family and friends, believing that the best way to enjoy it was to share it with those you love.

Over the course of the past 40 years, Robert’s dedication to the craft made him a Master Distiller. Along the way, his middle son Ramy was always by his side, learning the art of Arak making and eventually taking over the family business. Together, the blend of experience and authenticity with youth and technology has allowed the Bejjani family to not only expand their vineyards and improve the quality of their ingredients and tools, but also to craft a truly artisanal and premium Arak.

Named BLANKA for its divine white color and pure blend, this handmade Arak is the result of the Bejjanis’ passion, dedication, and love for their craft. It is a truly exceptional product that is sure to be enjoyed and shared with others.


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