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Arak Overview

During the 13th century, the renowned alchemist Jaber Ibn Hayyan pioneered the development of the alembic, a device utilized in the process of distillation. Over time, this method was further refined by Christian and Jewish communities in the Middle East, resulting in the creation of Arak, a grape-based spirit infused with the distinct flavor of aniseed.

In Lebanon, traditional cuisine holds a significant cultural significance, and it is not uncommon for meals to be accompanied by a glass of Arak. This spirit, which is considered the country’s national drink, is deeply intertwined with the nation’s culinary heritage and serves as an iconic representation of Lebanese identity.

Arak is not only a staple drink in Lebanese culture but also in several other cultures such as Palestinian, Jordanian, Syrian, Iraqi, Turkish (Raki), Greek (Ouzo), and Armenian (Oghi).

The Story Behind Blanka

It all started with a passion for Arak, a spirit steeped in Middle Eastern tradition. Over 50 years ago, Halim Bejjani became fascinated by the art of Arak-making and decided to learn the craft. He passed his passion down to his son, Robert, who took it to new heights, experimenting with unique blends and techniques to create a smooth, flavorful Arak like no other.

For the past 40 years, Robert has honed his skills, becoming a Master Distiller, and passing down the family tradition to the next generation. His middle son Ramy, was eager to build on his father’s legacy and bring a fresh perspective to the craft, combining time-tested tradition with modern technology.

The result is something truly special: a pure, crystal-clear Arak with a delicate flavor and smooth texture. They named it BLANKA, a nod to its divine, white color and its unadulterated, authentic taste.

Product Overview

ETS. Distillery, the proprietor of the Arak Blanka trademark, is dedicated to offering a range of exceptional and spiritually inclined products to its discerning clientele who seek a distinguished and unparalleled experience.

BLANKA, is an artisanal, premium Arak that is carefully crafted using traditional methods, showcasing a deep appreciation for the art of Arak making. Each bottle is a testament to our passion, dedication, and pursuit of perfection in the art of distillation.

“Masterpiece” is the inaugural innovation of Arak Blanka, it is a porcelain vessel that has been meticulously designed to offer a unique aesthetic experience to its clients. The porcelain vessel is available in three distinct colors: Mediterranean Blue, Cedar Green, and Pottery Clay.

Each bottle contains 1000ml of Premium Artisanal Arak, fermented from Obeidi grapes and flavored by the exquisite Heena aniseeds, distilled and purified through authentic copper distillers. 70% Alc.

Serving Tips: Dilute 1 part Arak Blanka with 2 parts cold water and serve in a glass filled with ice cubes.

Ingredients: Grape Alcohol, Aniseed

Brand Positioning

BLANKA is a premium Arak brand that is recognized for its exceptional quality, superior packaging and premium pricing. It is considered one of the top-ranked Arak brands in the market.
“Masterpiece” is a prestigious offering from Arak Blanka, synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship and exclusivity, it is recognized as the brand’s premier and most esteemed product.
“Masterpiece” has been created to appeal to discerning customers as:
  • A high-end and prestigious gift.
  • A valuable and unique collectible.
  • A premium Arak of unparalleled quality and taste.

Distribution Channels

Blanka Masterpiece is distributed through the following channels:

  • High-end Spirits Online Platforms
  • Class–A Liquor Shops
  • Top ranked Grocery Stores
  • Top of the line Restaurants and Caterers
  • Duty Free and Airlines


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Expansion Plan

In order to meet the diverse demands of the market, BLANKA is currently in the process of expanding its product line. Additionally, the company has set its sights on increasing its international presence, with a particular focus on diaspora communities, Europe, and neighboring countries.

To achieve these objectives, BLANKA is actively seeking out strategic partnerships, as well as identifying opportunities for representation by agents, buyers, and distributors.

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